Working Packages


The following figure sketches the various working packages, their interrelation and their planned period:

WP1: The objective of this WP is to provide overall project management and coordination of activities, financial and technical planning and quality control.

WP2: The objective of this WP is to design of models related to signal control, on-route charging and PT
backoffice, i.e. signal plans with TSP., e-charging systems (flash and terminal), eAVL system to manage bus locations/ energy state, optimisation of fleet e-charging, etc.

WP3: The overall objective of this WP is to design the CBS system, i.e. development of energy/fuel/emission models of diesel/hybrid/electric buses. In particular, the model includes regenerative breaking, passenger load and other factors related to energy use; development of the CBS system for pursuing system objectives—its core (CDAS), and cooperative applications (C-PROG, C-SWAP, C-SYNC); development of PRG component of TSP.

WP4: This WP takes care of modelling the communication between PT vehicles, PT backoffice, and traffic signal control, and of modelling the negotiation strategies within the N-TSP system distributed between signal control (PRS component) and vehicles (PRG component).

WP5: The overall objective of this WP is design system testing environment for both simulation-based
(microscopic and macroscopic) and controlled “real world” experiments. Use cases will be created on the basis of the existing PT systems based on electric (but not only) fleet with two types of on-route charging (terminal, and flash-charging at bus stops) distributed in several locations in the city. Controlled experiments testing of selected solutions of the CBS will be designed.

WP6: The overall objective of this WP is to evaluate the integrated solution. PT-related indicators such as journey time and energy saving and reliability, will be complemented with measures of the effect on general traffic, on the distribution in time and space of energy charging, and emissions.

WP7: The objective of this WP is to develop strategies for visibility, dissemination, implementation and final exploitation of the research results.