eCoBus comes to its end. A successful story!

The project eCoBus was a 3-years funded project. Started the 1st July 2017, it officially ended the 30th June 2020. The project outcomes went way beyond the expected, thanks to the excellent team, the collaborators that joined during these three years and also thanks to the fact that we caught a trendy and attractive research topic!

Only to give a few statistics: to date, we can count 32 scientific papers, out of which 7 have been published in journals with impact factor, a book chapter and 25 are listed in Scopus. The dissemination and exploitation phase is not over, and we are still working on reviews of papers submitted to journals and to international conferences, and on the final demo to be presented in the final event to be organised in June 2021 (place to be confirmed!).

I would like to thank the Core Team members from MobiLab: Marco Rinaldi and Giorgos Laskaris, two real paper machines! Great contributions came also from the LIST team, in particular by Imen Mahri and Sebastien Faye, led by Djamel Khadraoui. We had also great student assistants working on the project, in particular Federico Parisi, Erika Picarelli and Faisal Hawlader. A special thanks goes to Marcin Seredynski, one of the conceivers of the project and strong contributors even if he moved from LIST to Volvo right before the start of the project. Finally, apart from our project partners, with which we hoped to have more interaction, we were really happy to collaborate with more international researchers. In particular we acknowledge the collaborations with Andrea D’Ariano (Rome Tre), Erik Jenelius (KTH) and Oded Cats (TU Delft). Top scholars!

We would like to end this post with a link to one of the final presentations we did for TU Delft. Enjoy the show! 🙂

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