Georgios’ PhD defense and eCoBus workshop

On 12th July 2019 Georgios Laskaris successfully defended his PhD entitled ‘Multiline holding control and integration of cooperative ITS’. The jury composed of Prof. Holger Voos (chairman), Prof. Oded Cats (vice-chairman, TU Delft, the Netherlands), Prof. Erik Jenelius (KTH, Sweden), Prof. Ricardo Giesen (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile), and Prof. Francesco Viti (PhD supervisor) found the work presented of excellent quality.

Before the PhD defense, a dissemination workshop with more than 30 attendees was organized in Maison de Savoir, taking advantage of the presence and input of 4 international speakers (Ricardo Giesen, Oded Cats, Erik Jenelius and the visiting professor Marialisa Nigro from the University of Roma Tre). The topic of the workshop was ‘Next Generation Transportation Systems: Smart, Autonomous, Multimodal, Connected, Electrified’. In addition to the above four speakers, dr. Marco Rinaldi from MobiLab and dr. Imen Mahjri from LIST presented the main outcomes of working packages 2 and 4 of eCoBus (while WP3 content was mainly covered by the PhD defense of dr. Laskaris).

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