news: our external master student Erika Picarelli presented her work on ecoBus Project at MCE Conference Center in Bruxelles

Our external master student Erika Picarelli from University Roma Tre, presented her work from her master degree thesis on ecoBus Project during OR 2018 at MCE Conference Center in Bruxelles (11-14 September 2018).
She presented the first results of the Time-based Decomposition of the optimal dispatching problem of electric buses and electric hybrid buses with energy constraints for Luxembourg City, that she developed together with Marco Rinaldi and Francesco Viti.

This research wants to solve the problem of optimally determining the sequence of electric and hybrid electric buses, considering both service constraints (schedule adherence) and energy constraints (electric bus charging status, bus recharging scheduling in capacitated facilities) and at the same time ensure a high level of quality of service for the user satisfaction!

The problem is formulated as a Mixed Integer Linear Program, with the objective of minimizing the total operational cost for the bus lines in question.
A real-life case study based on the city of Luxembourg is investigated, where the objective is to reach the all-electric mode for principal urban buses network!
Finally, we studied how to best decompose the overall problem in several smaller problems, to be able to solve also realistic scenarios and using large real data sets from the Mobility Data owner of Luxembourg. We analysed and compared two kinds of decomposition: a bus line-based decomposition, and a time-based decomposition.

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