news: Mobility Management Training 2018, a successful first edition!

The first mobility management training organised by the University of Luxembourg and the Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL) on 18,19 and 24 April 2018 gathered 17 participants from Luxembourg-based companies. During this three-day course, participants had a comprehensive overview of mobility management by learning the theoretical background and participating in interactive exercise sessions under the supervision of renowned experts.

Improving employee mobility has become a major challenge for companies to ensure well-being and productivity at work. Indeed, by offering mobility solutions, employees seem less stressed, save time and increase their quality of life. However, there is a lack of a common understanding and language of mobility as well as knowledge of its different aspects and complexity.

To encourage the recruitment of mobility manager within companies, the MobiLab Transport Research Group of the University of Luxembourg in partnership with the Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL) have developed a three-day course in mobility management for companies based in Luxembourg.

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